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What is an Ambassador?

am basadar/

noun: a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. "he is a good ambassador for the industry"

synonyms: campaigner, representative, promoter, champion, supporter, backer, booster "a great ambassador for the sport"

We have partnered with key influencers in their respective sports field to help support their players and teams.

Blake "Bulletproof" Troop

Blake "Bulletproof" Troop has been using pickle juice as an electrolyte supplement since day one of his professional mixed martial arts career. For YEARS, he would bring jars of pickles / pickle juice to training. It was not convenient, but there is no electrolyte supplement that compares to pickle juice.

Fast forward to 2018, and thanks to Juce, he has found the most convenient way to supplement with pickle juice. Juce's 4oz pouch is easy to take and enjoy anywhere, at anytime. He drinks them before, during and after training. He highly recommends juicing up with Juce before your next training session!

Photo by @christopherbreeza

Mike Applehans

Mike is a professional Superbike racer that uses Juce to prevent cramping while racing.

Pickle Ball Players

Juce is active in the competitve Pickle Ball scene with ambassadors all over the country