JuceUp For Altitude Sickness

Don't let heights bring you down

If you love to ski, snowshoe and hike in the mountains, you may be familiar with altitude sickness. Generally starting over 8000 ft, altitude sickness occurs because there is less oxygen in the air the higher up you go. With less oxygen, your body has to work harder – your pulse rate increases in order to circulate the oxygen-carrying red blood cells, your breathing increases to take in more oxygen, and you begin to lose electrolytes. If you live in lower altitude areas, you may feel even more susceptible when you travel to higher elevations. You get headaches, feel nauseous, short of breath, fatigued, and this can really put a damper on your fun. Perhaps you’ve visited the local stores and found expensive cans of oxygen to breathe, pills for headaches, patches for nausea, and wondered what all do you need? Do you really have to carry all these remedies around with you?


The good news is that you don’t need to pack your bag with expensive remedies. Pickle juice is a perfect electrolyte replenishment – it contains more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, without the sugar. Juce is REAL pickle juice, actual pickle brine, and not flavored vinegar. Made with simple, natural ingredients, Juce is packed with electrolytes, it helps your body replace what it’s lost at high altitude, eliminating headaches and fatigue in less than 20 minutes. It eases muscle cramps and rehydrates faster than drinking plain water. The dill also helps settle the stomach, easing the nausea. Packaged in a 4oz, easy-to-carry pouch, it’s the perfect dose to ease your symptoms in no time. It’s easy to take with you in your backpack, purse, or pocket, so it doesn’t weigh you down while enjoying your favorite mountain activities. Drink a pouch before you head up the slope, and keep one handy for those emergency symptoms.

Don’t let altitude sickness put a downer on your high-altitude fun – JuceUP!

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JUCE is your shot of pickle juice power in an easy-to-use pouch.

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